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What You Want

Strangers to your business are seeking clarity in the health-related outcome that your company provides or is working to provide in this vast space. It’s very personal or and may be very technical. Your objective is to be exactly the company they have been seeking. This level of trust arrives incrementally based on the confidence-building effort in the messages and imagery. People’s health and well being, now or later, are at stake. Your engagement is starting a relationship built on enough trust to create commitment to contact you.

How We Do It

We begin with our signature report the Digital Landscape Survey. This report looks at your competitive marketplace visually just like a visitor would. We discuss it together and then use the discoveries to guide our work to create a distinctive image both visual and message to allow your business to stand out from the crowd.

Your Visitor Journey

We have three goals for every website.

  1. Provide message clarity supported with reinforcing imagery.
  2. Organize message delivery so that it flows easily for the visitor.
  3. Minimize navigation at all times.
Our websites demonstrate an “understanding” of the visitor and their needs and rise above other websites that merely indicate services and talk all about the company. It is precisely this human connectivity that separates companies that care. With ever-decreasing attention spans and increasing visual clutter, humanness is the best way to differentiate. Our website designs are intended to clearly demonstrate that Customers come first and foremost, always.

Q & A

Most B2B company websites are almost entirely “It’s about us!” No one would start a human relationship that way. Our websites also contain a relationship pathway, a view of the company from the customer point of view showing they understand their customer. We also layer our content delivery EXPECTING the visitor does NOT know our business.

Foremost is creates earlier trust and engagement from those that matter. We work to portray a business as seeking Customers “just like the visitor” from the outset. When the visitor sees themselves, in scope, range, creativity, whatever, they come closer. If they don’t, they move away. In the fishing metaphor, it is fishing with the right bait, not all kids of bait to see what we catch.

We intentionally do not show examples until after we have had a conversation specifically because our sites are customized to the needs of the client. Showing off creative visual arts just because they are pretty may not fully demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach. We’re more than happy to show you our work, once we understand what you want to accomplish.

A Remodel is the effort we put into an existing website to figure out how to maintain continuity while changing content, imagery and/or the style guide, but, not the layout of the entire website.

We work on a project basis providing an overall Scope of Work at the outset with our price. The price for a project depends completely on website scale, amount of content to be created, the prep required and image and video creation or sourcing.

Our criteria is simple, you have to be able to understand the business need. We chose our partners for the disciplined execution of strategies and projects that directly serve to meet the client goals. These people have been doing what they do for a long time giving them an experience of running projects on lots of platforms for lots of purposes creating an uparalleled wealth of objectivity about the choices needed do get to goals in the most efficient and effective path.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Who is it for?
  • What is it for?

The Customer Point of View is a collection of professionals and businesses under the creative direction of Tom Larsen. Tom will listen to your needs and create the framework of design that becomes the blueprint for the digital front door to your business.

From developers to content writers to email integration to SEO and sales funnel management, whatever elements are needed for your effort and your budget can be called upon to deliver the very best outcomes imaginable, by seasoned veterans in their disciplines, all under Tom’s guidance.

The services of your already valued partners can be utilized to create continuity from where you are to where you are going. The overall goal is that your Customers get a great view of what working with your business is like which begins with first impressions and extends to every contact at every moment.

Tom’s vast experience in design of all types, began with his academic studies in architecture and environmental planning, morphed into energy products and consumer products and has traveled through websites, retail packaging and merchandising, trade shows, and collateral materials. He is the author of Beyond Your Successful Startup: Building a Business.

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