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Change, Disruption and 2020 in Review

by Tom LarsenJan 6, 2021 Gratitude, Making Choices, Organization, Planning 0

Over the the past year, I largely wrote about change and disruption. I even had a blog about change in March, Pre-Pandemic. Change and disruption are inextricably linked which generally creates resistance to change because it creates disruption. Most people do not seek disruption. It is less predictable than status quo.This past year has been […]

Never Waste A Good Crisis: What if……

by Tom LarsenNov 18, 2020 Design, Gratitude, Making Choices, Planning 0

We talk so much about disruptive technologies and how positive they are. We rebuild after disaster disruptions, often for the better. What if we treated COVID-19 as a disruptive technology or disaster?

6 ways to search for “New Normal” – plus a bonus

by Tom LarsenApr 29, 2020 Gratitude, Planning 2

A year ago I was just emerging from the crushing weight of having lost my spouse and best friend almost a year earlier. Over this entire period I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what is the “new normal” for my life going forward. I even had the good fortune to […]

Don’t waste your Pandemic time: for home workers

by Tom LarsenApr 1, 2020 Gratitude, Making Choices 4

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We can choose to work to forecast the end, or we can choose to invest this time spent at home INCREASING our connections with people. We have the time!!!

The Journey and the Golden Gate Bridge

by Tom LarsenJan 29, 2020 Gratitude, Making Choices, Planning 2

This Bridge to me is the epitome of finding a creative and beautiful way to achieve numerous goals most people never think about. In this case

The Banana

by Tom LarsenDec 27, 2018 Gratitude 3

Since I’m on a journey being here not home this week, I got to thinking about the origin and journey of this simple banana. At some point a farmer intentionally planted a banana tree in