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We are all the sum of our choices so far

by Tom LarsenMay 31, 2017 Making Choices, Organization, Planning 0

At some point, for anyone with any capacity for self-awareness, one has to look at what is working and what needs work and come to a potential enlightenment – I got myself here.

A Groove or a Rut

by Tom LarsenMay 17, 2017 Making Choices, Organization, Planning 0

All too often, what appears as a groove to you, is actually a rut where you are just showing up to do the same thing today that you did yesterday.

Speed vs Accuracy

by Tom LarsenMay 3, 2017 Making Choices, Operations, Organization, Planning 0

Would you prefer a fast meal or a well prepared meal? You have choices just as the restaurant has choices and builds its business around what it actually is willing to commit to perform. Doing your best work is about making it great. Being fast is about putting something out there quickly.

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

by Tom LarsenApr 19, 2017 Making Choices, Organization, Planning 0

Striving for the greatest efficiency in technology as a way to solve a problem is very trendy. The efficiency we all now recognize from technology, all too often creates a perspective that everything we do needs to maximize efficiency. In the endless pursuit of efficiency it is easy to lose sight of whether or not the concept or effort is actually effective.


by Tom LarsenApr 5, 2017 Making Choices, Operations, Organization 0

Take congruence a step further; what if congruent was a theme, not a specific habit. What if you look at your life or your business practices and determine if they are creating a congruent message?

Let go a little

by Tom LarsenMar 22, 2017 Making Choices, Operations, Organization 0

Your business is your bird. Your goal is for your birds to be healthy, productive and self-sufficient. How tightly you are holding your bird is how deeply you are involved in every little thing happening in your business. Your challenge

Opportunity is in the Gaps

by Tom LarsenFeb 8, 2017 Making Choices, Marketing, Planning, Product Development 0

Opportunity in business comes from doing something, a service or product, that others are NOT already doing

Transactions vs. Relationships

by Tom LarsenJan 25, 2017 Making Choices, Marketing, Sales 0

Shifting your marketing approach to creating relationships makes a transaction the natural destination of where a relationship goes.

The Bolt-on Syndrome

by Tom LarsenNov 9, 2016 Making Choices, Operations, Organization, Planning 0

Have you ever been in a house where the rooms just didn’t make sense? Often times that’s because the now big house was once a cute little 1 bedroom, 1 bath and has been expanded over the years to 3 or 4 bedrooms with multiple baths. Two bedrooms have a doorway together or there is […]

What to do next ?

by Tom LarsenJun 16, 2016 Making Choices 0

Our focus and awarenesses will change as we look and work in the retirement world instead of the consumer world. We won’t change, but, what we see, experience and create insight about will change.