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A plan: something is always better than nothing

by Tom LarsenDec 31, 2013 Operations, Organization, Planning 0

Only 40% of wholesale businesses survive to year five. Plan to be a survivor. Here is a way to get started.

2 Powerful Resources for Sales & Marketing

by Tom LarsenDec 24, 2013 Marketing, Planning 0

For those of you who are pursuing a DIY selling model…………………For those of you who do your own marketing…………..

Building a Smarter Business – The Business Model

by Tom LarsenDec 16, 2013 Organization, Planning, Product Development 0

Your first awareness is do you have a “product” opportunity, or a business opportunity.

Proof of Concept drives the investment

by Tom LarsenDec 4, 2013 Marketing, Planning, Product Development 2

The Proof of Concept, the actual products in the actual place where actual consumers or businesses buy the product, is exactly what makes an idea valuable. It’s the proof. But, what constitutes a proof of concept can very often be misconstrued.

Building a Smarter Business – The Cost of Goods

by Tom LarsenNov 20, 2013 Operations, Organization, Planning, Product Development 0

The foundation of the widget based business, whether the widgets are medical devices, consumer products or packaged foods, is the Cost of Goods (COG). Every decision that is ever made in the business is built on the fundamental knowledge of “what does it cost completely, to make one selling item”.

Don’t Let Passion Kill Your Startup

by Tom LarsenOct 30, 2013 Organization, Planning 0

Few entrepreneurs start businesses to offer a product or service that they’re not passionate about. Many entrepreneurs have been enjoying a hobby for years and one day decide to make a business proposition out of that hobby. Passion is an essential part of starting and developing a successful business, but without applying business smarts, the […]

The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

by Tom LarsenSep 19, 2013 Marketing, Operations, Organization, Planning 0

To be an entrepreneur, have enough conviction to go through the tedious setup steps, create promotional materials or products, bank accounts, email accounts, etc, is to wear many, many hats. Administrative, financial planner, designer, marketer, sales person and plenty of others. That effort and capability develops a certain understandable confidence that the entrepreneur can do […]

Time: 1 Quote, 2 Myths and 12 Questions

by Tom LarsenAug 26, 2013 Organization, Planning 0

Here’s a link to Machen MacDonald’s short commentary about time. Here’s what got my attention first: From his post: As Benjamin Franklin once pointed out, “Time isn’t money. Time is life itself … Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.” The rest of the […]

Starting a business is easy; Aligning the goals so they create a path, not so much

by Tom LarsenAug 19, 2013 Organization, Planning 0

A couple of weeks ago I reconnected with a friend from high school and provided the life summary to date thing we all do now. In her response she commented it must be hard work getting a business launched. It has stuck with me for some weeks now because, having launched a few businesses in […]