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Time saver – image management

by Tom LarsenSep 9, 2015 Marketing, Operations, Planning, Sales 0

If you’re in the consumer product world, the BEST thing that can happen is to have lots of people use your photos without needing to hunt you down or ask your permission.

Be relevant to the buyer

by Tom LarsenAug 5, 2015 Organization, Planning, Sales 0

Every retailer fundamentally has 5 pillars to how they position themselves which in turn generates their traffic – Location, customers, product mix, service and price.

The threat of competition

by Tom LarsenJul 29, 2015 Marketing, Sales 0

Sometimes the thinking for a new product is truly beyond the reach of most people in their current paradigm. An automobile not a horse. An electric light not a candle. A TV not a radio.

Identify the opportunity first with everyone

by Tom LarsenJul 15, 2015 Marketing, Organization, Planning, Sales 0

A good buyer is looking for products she can sell, not use personally. That means products that her Customers will want to buy. It’s about the money after all.

Buyer fatigue – How to avoid it in the initial meeting

by Tom LarsenJul 8, 2015 Marketing, Sales 0

If I am a buyer, I am exclusively thinking about the connection between your presentation and what the consumer will see in the store when they look at the packaged product.

When the market is slow to adopt your product, then what?

by Tom LarsenJun 24, 2015 Marketing, Planning, Sales 0

Before you just start deploying tactic after tactic to make your efforts work out consider where these ideas are coming from – YOU.

Your Brand’s top 5 Prospects – who are they?

by Tom LarsenJun 3, 2015 Planning, Sales 0

If you can’t answer this question you are already in trouble: “Who are my top 5 prospects in every retail channel and what are we doing to get our product in their stores?”

Every day is new information

by Tom LarsenMay 27, 2015 Marketing, Operations, Organization, Planning, Product Development, Sales 0

Every day, you have the opportunity to leave everything in your business just as it was yesterday, or to change it.

The Sales and Marketing 1-2-3 recipe

by Tom LarsenMay 20, 2015 Marketing, Organization, Planning, Sales 0

So here I very loosely define the three areas that in my view are the bulk of discretionary spending for your consumer product business, not just two as in P&L terms;

Founder as Presenter-OK: Founder as Salesperson-RISKY

by Tom LarsenApr 29, 2015 Planning, Sales 0

By selling you ask questions. You want to learn how to serve this Customer, the retailer (not the consumer) to make money in the space.