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Packaging – May be more important than your product

by Tom LarsenApr 22, 2015 Marketing, Product Development, Sales 0

Here is the most important piece of advice I can ever offer – when it comes to packaging, hire an experience consumer packaging designer. Do the homework needed to know your likely shelf space location.

The Critical Importance of your Overall Sales Capability

by Tom LarsenApr 15, 2015 Organization, Planning, Sales 1

There, I said it. Relationship networks. That’s the deal. Here’s why?

Calendar equals commitment

by Tom LarsenApr 8, 2015 Marketing, Operations, Organization, Planning, Product Development, Sales 2

People who have lots of stuff on their calendars achieve things. People who keep it in their head or in disparate places they don’t see every day don’t achieve as many things.

Global toLocal at tech trade shows

by Tom LarsenMar 25, 2015 Marketing, Organization, Planning, Sales 0

For less than the cost of floor space at any one show, your membership entitles your Company to a presence in all 13 shows.

Amazon can not be your company standard

by Tom LarsenMar 18, 2015 Marketing, Operations, Sales 0

Just because Amazon can ship stuff via a no-freight buy-in program and get it to you in two days (soon to be delivered by drones?), does not make that the market standard you should strive to achieve.

7 tips to make buying from you and your sales people easier

by Tom LarsenMar 11, 2015 Marketing, Operations, Organization, Planning, Sales 0

The higher level of trust goes to the brands that communicate well. Make sales easier or you surely make sales harder.

Account Value Metrics

by Tom LarsenFeb 25, 2015 Marketing, Planning, Sales 2

There are two methods I use: the retailer’s inventory turn rate needed to keep the space or the likely consumer purchasing method used to determine the reorder rates needed to keep up with demand.

Ambiguity vs. Precision

by Tom LarsenFeb 18, 2015 Marketing, Operations, Product Development, Sales 0

Not sure? Find out by asking. Always take the time to learn and understand “terms of engagement” in any relationship, just as you might with a new friend.

Having goals is a start – Actions to achieve goals makes them real

by Tom LarsenFeb 11, 2015 Marketing, Organization, Planning, Sales 0

It is easy to understand that in order to achieve a goal of running a marathon that one must consistently run increasing longer distances to get in shape to run the marathon. The action to achieve the goal is to block out increasing amounts of time to run increasingly longer distances.

Do Likes matter?

by Tom LarsenFeb 4, 2015 Marketing, Planning, Sales 0

What do Likes need to have to determine if they are Likes that matter? A next step. A call to action. A progression to an ongoing deeper relationship, almost certainly on a path to revenue production for your company.