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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by Tom LarsenNov 26, 2014 Organization 0

If you look into the history of Thanksgiving, there are a number of different “celebrations of the harvest” with origins in all kinds of places. My personal preference for Thanksgiving as I see it, is to use the 4 day weekend (since I’m in wholesale not retail) to be grateful for all that has happened over the previous year and as a time to reflect on all of the things that happened.

Sometimes, the “harvest” has been wonderful and sometime not quite as good (drought, flood, locusts, etc.). Most of the time it is a mixed bag, just like life.

Whichever the year has been for you, please accept my sincere thank you for your comments, your enthusiasm and your support this past year. It has been a challenging year professionally and personally for me. I could not be more grateful for all the people who make my life so rewarding and interesting. Thank you to everyone and particularly my partner, best friend and wife, Debbie Williams. Thanks to her wisdom and inspiration my life is far more happy and fun.

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